fragglestickcar (fragglestickcar) wrote,

well ive been grounded all week but the one fun thing i got to do was go to debut 2005 on friday up in santa monica w/ mystri. and we stopped in huntington beach and my mom showed me all the places where her and her best friend used to smoke weed and party. and we went into this store called the electric chair and it was sad because i wanted literally everything in the store but i got a pair of lip service pants which kick ass and a cute top. and here are pix from the chairing styles exhibit they had in front of where the runway was, i dont have any pictures from the runway show because you couldnt take pix and i was kinda far away...but it was awesome. some stuff was ugly but other stuff was amazing

this one was so awesome

my favorite

this picture sucks but it makes it look like i have big boobs so i like it ;)
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