fragglestickcar (fragglestickcar) wrote,

i went to frightmare and pussed out( good thing i didnt pay, kennys mom hooked us up), but i did have cool makeup

Image hosted by

Image hosted by

kenny hated it and said i looked like an ugly hoe clown but whatever, i liked it

me and sarah and knotts, which kinda sucked

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i dont know you
Thats true.


12 years ago


12 years ago

your hair has gotten so long!
i got it cut like 2 inches a little while back too. i wanna grow it out looong now since ive never had long hair
you look like a candie painted cupie doll.
hey i have a question, did your brother leave the country?
the eyes look so good!
and i wish my hair was that long
thank you! and yeah my hair grows fast, but the ends are all tattered and broken off...
suck my face
the make up looks good!!!!
i dont know if youre being sarcastic or not but either way, thank you, i liked it a lot
fuck dood everyone thinks im an asshole hahah
looks good :)