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for davey

today i spent $110 in P.B. on:
-the perfect prom shoes
-earrings that were $40
-2 skirts
-2 eyeshadows

well i got caught cheating on my drug test. so i have to really stop smoking now. for real this time. ill probably be grounded over spring break but im not that sad because i knew id probably do something to end up being grounded anyway.
mystri and drew and me and kenny are all going to prom and itll be fun. party city is fun, everyone who works there is cool, and i like having money. today i saw/talked to my dad for the first time in a month, and it was strangely uneventful.i cracked the cylinder head on lucy ( my car) so we got a new one at the junkyard and then after we put the new one in we are gonna sell it :( and chepi weighs like 70 pounds now

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