fragglestickcar (fragglestickcar) wrote,

my first stiches

last night when i got home my mom was like " zack told us you smoked cigarettes in the car with him" and i was really pissed and my mom was like youre grounded this whole week and its only monday. and i have a fucking a 3.2 in school when all i have to have is 3.0 which i hvnt even come close to since the beg. of my sophmore year. so i was pssed and i smashed this mirrir and ten i had a light bulb in my hn and i smashed it doen on my desk when it was still in my hand and i cut my finger really bad. it was gushing. a lot. my pants are soaked in i was like uh mom and she was like ok lets go to the emergency room so when went there and waited 2 1/2 hours and then it was all puffy and gross for some reason and then i guess i hit an artery in my finger so when it started bleeding again it was like squirting out like in kill bill. it was pretty cool actually. and then they stitched it. nd i was fine the whole time it didnt hurt but then when i saw him digging around in it w/ tweezers looking for glass, i felt dizzy. i could see all the layers of my skin and like ligaments and what not so it was weird. but the best part was when he pumped it full of drugs so it would numb and i had elrphany man finger. but anywayz, kennys getting his tattoo right now and im not there. and elenas party was sooooo fun.
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