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san fransisco was really fun. i only got to hang out on haight street for not that long though because my grandparents and my dad and yeah. it was cool though. i bought a cute hat. and im going to move there and go to the art school across from fishermans warf. the golden gate brige is beautiful. i never thought id say that about a bridge but it is. the day that we went to it it was a gloomy and cloudy and the clouds were covering the top of the bridge it was so pretty.

union square

i look weird

inside tommys

this was at pier like 39 or something and im still afraid of masks

sausilito( however you spell it)

this was to cute not to take a picture of

me and a pirate

this is the most crooked street in america and i got to drive on it

painted on the side of a record store on haight

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